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The fall of Myspace, waiting for a real site for musicians

News Corp. is selling Myspace. Everybody heard this.

But the very news is that an unknown company is going to pay "only" 35 million dollars to buy the site. Only a couple of nuts if compared with 580 million paid from News Corp. in 2005. 

Everybody says: Myspace is falling? The reason is the success of Facebook. The second one grows and makes money, while Myspace is losing appeal. All right, but what can we do with 35 million users of Myspace? I repeat: 35 million users...I can't believe nobody thought that this is a huge amount of members.

Honestly I have never been a Myspace fan. Well, there is a very nice music player, and...hm and then? Since years not much innovation, always the same things.

Nowadays a musician needs a youtube account to upload its videos, a Myspace account to upload audio files, a facebook account to get fans, a publisher account to sell scores and mp3 and so on...

Well, nobody in Myspace thought that a place where to join and embed all this things is exactly what musicians need. Embed videos, play audio files, sell scores etc. Everything in just one site. 

If they could also convince talent scouts, majors, publishers, etc to look regularly at the sites and choose the Myspace song of the month, the artist of the year or something similar, they will reach the goal. They would give visibility to musicians and to the site. They would capture users, views, clicks, advertiser, money etc.

This is the problem. Myspace has never been a real site for musicians. A musician needs to many other sites to promote himself. And when one or more of them work, he will leave Myspace.
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