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18) Making an accompaniment - Left Hand Patterns (part II)

[Post #18] We concentrate now on the "discontinuous accompaniments" as we called them in the previous post. These accompaniments do not present a continuous flow of notes of the same duration along the whole bar.

You can use this accompaniments or the continuous one, there are no rules, it depends on personal taste, inspiration, music etc. 

Here some examples of discontinuous accompaniments. The patterns with a red mark on the left side are the one I recorded. I choose only few of them because I think this patterns (and how to create our own) should be now pretty clear:
Discontinuous accompaniments in
major key (part 1)
Discontinuous accompaniments in
major key (part 2)

Discontinuous accompaniments in
major key (part 3)

The same things are valid for the minor mode, here some examples:

Discontinuous accompaniments
in minor key (part 1)

Discontinuous accompaniments
in minor key (part 2)

Finally some patterns in different musical Tempo:

Accompaniments in 3/4

Accompaniments in 6/8

In the next two post we will learn how to analyse the structure of a music and how to choose the best structure for our compositions. We will then make a short analysis of a famous song for piano "River Flows In You" by Yiruma. We will see that the knowledge of some of the techniques, patterns, progressions etc that we learned in the previous posts are essential to create a successful composition.

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  2. Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. Happy to help, hope my English is understandable :-)

  3. Hi Gaetano,

    Fantastic site, and thanks for sharing you passion and knowledge with us.

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